About Me

Given the economic and social situation in my country Venezuela, I decide to move to Spain in search of a better future. From that moment on, I began to face the stress, uncertainty and anxiety that this kind of process entails. As an escape from these emotions, I discovered in painting an excellent way to cope with them.

Since I was a child I had a certain artistic ability, but I never tried to develop it professionally. Instead, I decided to dedicate myself to the corporate world in the commercial area of mass consumption.

I take my first steps in painting by painting in acrylic on canvas, I publish my works on Instagram and little by little the number of followers increases. I sell my first works in Spain and in a short time I make shipments to Canada and the United States. When the confinement generated by the COVID arrives, I find myself unable to acquire fine art material, so I decide to dabble in digital art. I show my first decorative prints in several showrooms, obtaining good reviews, sales and new followers. Initially I focused my works in emblematic places of Venezuela and Spain. Especially Alcalá de Henares (where I live) or Madrid. I also include some hobbies such as coffee, mountain biking, wine, etc.

I do everything in my free time, so I have decided to join with Veronica (my sister) for the development of EGA Art and Illustration.

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